What to Look for in Baby Shower Gifts for Soon-to-Be Mums

With your friend about to welcome a bouncing new ball of joy into the world, you’re eager to get her a baby shower gift she’ll love and, just as importantly, find useful. After all, let’s be honest – for as joyous as they may be, babies mean a lot of hard work and constant maintenance on the mom’s part especially. The best baby showers are thus all about support, giving the soon-to-be mum a party she’ll love with some of the gifts she’ll need to make her first few weeks and months with the baby easier.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few great ideas for baby gifts that get that balance just right.

  1. Baby Presents

The two most important things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing gifts for the new baby is that you want them to exude joy and be nice and soft. Toys that are hard or contain sharp or pointed edges can lead to accidents. A much better bet is to get the baby stuffed animals that they can play with without risk of hurting themselves before snuggling up with them in their crib or pram.

From bears to dinosaurs to dolls and beyond, the best outlets boasting gifts for babies in Australia offer a wide range of soft plush huggable stuffed creatures.

  1. Baby Hampers

One thing every new parent needs a ton of are baby clothes. Babies go through clothes fast, and the cost can pile up quickly. Getting your friend a baby hamper filled with all kinds of baby clothes can be a great way to get them a colourful gift that’s as thoughtful as it is truly helpful. The best such hampers can include everything from booties to towels and clothes.

  1. Don’t Forget Mum

Childbirth and care is hard work, and mums deserve to celebrate and relax! Some of the best bespoke baby hampers and goodie baskets thus include a bit of champagne for mum or similar gifts that she can enjoy as well.

  1. Custom Goodies

In an age where online orders are becoming ever more common, customisation is a great way to show you care more than merely hitting the “Buy” button. The best stores for baby presents in Australia offer customisation options on a range of hampers and goodie baskets to help you put a personalised touch on your baby shower present.

Give your friend the gifts she deserves at her baby shower with thoughtful baby gift options today!

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