What are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

We are all aware of the myths associated with wooden teeth of the good old times. But people using wooden teeth had to eventually go for dentures made of ivory, lead, gold and other materials as they faced grave consequences when they were using wooden teeth. Luckily, now the dental techniques have advanced so much since the 18th century and these days, implant dentaire provides endless better solution to your tooth loss. They offer a wide array of advantages like:

  1. Osseodensification helps in strengthening your bone.

To get your dental implants, a space is created within your jawbone to install the implant itself. Osseodensification is a recent and innovative way that tends to condense your jawbone to make some space for each and every implant. This method pushes the bone outward from where the new implant is required to be placed. Not only this process helps in making space for the dental implants, but it also makes the bone stronger at the location of each and every implant to make your mouth healthier and guarantees implant durability.

  1. Dental implants help in protecting the healthy bone.

The topmost benefit of getting dental implants is to accomplish a complete and a beautiful smile. This leads to overlooking of the fact by many people that the dental implants tend to keep your jawbone strong and healthy. As teeth and their roots support the jawbone, the bone is prone to ruin itself and lose its strength and durability once the teeth begin to fall out or are extracted. Dental implants help in restoring the support that the jawbone really requires which further stimulate the bone growth and keeps the imminent bone loss at bay.

  1. Dental implants give you a natural look and feel.

Dental implants are designed in such a way that they look and feel really like your real and natural teeth. They seem so convincing that nobody has a clue that they aren’t your original teeth. Unlike dentures, which are meant for making a talk, chewing, and smiling hard for you, dental implants make all these task easy and effortless, and of course, natural. You can freely order your favorite steak for dinner, smile as wide as you can, and talk endlessly with zero hesitations.

Certainly, the quality factor of your implants is also dependent on your dentist you choose to visit to complete this very procedure. If you are unsure where to begin, book an appointment at Centre Dentaires St. Onge today!