Safety Tips for Pool Fencing in Australia

Like most governments, Australia has very firm safety guidelines regarding swimming pools, and it is law in all states that every swimming pool should be officially pool safety compliant. In the event you are planning to build a pool on your property, here are a few of the important aspects of pool safety to take into account.

  1. Minimum Fence Height – If you take a look at glass fencing installations in Adelaide, you will see that the minimum height is 1.2m, and glass is the perfect material, as it allows you to see the interior at all times. It is easy to search online for a local pool fence supplier who would be able to design the ideal safety fencing that fully complies.
  2. Non-Climbable Zone (NCZ) – There should be a minimum of 800mm around the fence perimeter that is clear of objects, thus ensuring a child could not be assisted in climbing over the pool fencing. This includes garden furniture, trees and shrubs, or any object that might be used as a climbing aid.
  3. Vertical Gaps – Any vertical gaps in pool fencing must not exceed 100mm, while bottom fence gaps are also limited to 100mm, something the pool fencing contractor would know. Horizontal gaps are not recommended for swimming pool fencing, as the struts are easy to climb, and this is considered unsafe.
  4. SelfClosing Devices – All pool gates must open outwards and have a self-closing device fitted, which eliminates the risk of leaving the gate open and unattended, and with a stylish and seamless glass system, your pool safety is as good as it gets. If you would like to explore the many design options, simply search online for a leading pool fencing contractor and they would be happy to send a representative to your home, where you can look at all of the options.
  5. Glass – While it is not essential that your pool fencing is glass, it does have many benefits; it is easy to keep clean, maintenance free, plus it offers you a clear line of sight into the pool area. Seamless or semi-framed solutions are aesthetically pleasing and very safe, and once the job is done, you can have the pool certified.

The best thing to do is take a look at the website of your state government, where you will find pool safety guidelines, and by using a leading fence supplier, you can rest assured that your pool fencing will be fully compliant.