How to Relieve Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is an inflammatory disease that affects the joints of the human body, and is characterized by being very painful, degenerative and paralyzing, in some cases. There are different types of arthritis, but they all produce inflammation, stiffness and pain in the affected area.

In general, this disease occurs in older people, however, it can also appear in young people; And the inflammation it produces is not only limited to the joint, but can also affect other tissues such as muscles and bones.

Types of Arthritis

As we mentioned, there are many kinds of arthritis, and each one of them has its own characteristics and differentiating elements. For example, there is “Rheumatoid Arthritis”, whose character is degenerative, in which the patient manifests chronic pain, accompanied by inflammation of the cartilage and tendons, and generally causes a significant reduction in the motor activity of the joint.

On the other hand, we have “Polymyalgia Rheumatica”, considered as a very painful type of arthritis and that affects people over 50 years of age. This condition causes, in addition to intense pain, stiffness in the hips and shoulders, however, it can be controlled using strong pain relievers.

Additionally, we find “Osteoarthritis”, which is a type of arthritis that is related to the wear and tear of the structures that join the bones, causing the latter to rub against each other, causing a lot of pain with movement.

Another very common type of arthritis is “Ankylosing Spondylitis”, this is considered a chronic form of arthritis, in which the bones of the spine are affected along with their joints, causing inflammation and pain.

What Causes Arthritis?

As we have described, there are many kinds of arthritis, and each one of them affects in a particular way a specific area or place of the human body. However, in general, this disease causes degeneration of the joints and all the structures that compose it, that is, cartilage, tendons and bones.

For this reason, the causes of arthritis are also varied, and among them, we can mention the following: trauma or fractures, lack of control of the immune system, viral or bacterial infections, natural wear and tear of the joint, presence or accumulation of crystals such as uric acid, among others.

Additionally, there are other risk factors that cause the appearance of this condition, such as family history, age, sex (women are more likely to develop arthritis), an old joint injury and obesity.

How Can Arthritis Pain Be Relieved?

Since there are many types of arthritis, their treatment also varies, however, the main characteristic of the treatments available, involves achieving a significant decrease in the pain produced by this disease, since in some cases, the person is practically immobilized, product of inflammation and extreme pain that it causes.

Analgesic Medications

The main thing to alleviate the pain caused by arthritis is the intake of powerful analgesics, steroids and non-steroids, which can be obtained in pharmacies, of course, these must be indicated by a specialist doctor, once the general health conditions have been assessed of the patient.

Over-the-counter oils and creams are often a quality solution you can find without a prescription to help alleviate muscular and join pain. Spanish pain cream brands like Alivio Sin Olor provide what’s known as crema anestésica or anesthetic cream which supports in reducing pain sensitivity upon topical application.

Natural Supplements

There are other methods that we can use to help mitigate arthritis pain, such as the consumption of natural supplements, which contain vitamins, amino acids and enzymes, of plant or animal origin, and which serve to treat some of the symptoms of arthritis.

An example of this is soybean oil, which has properties that help decrease joint inflammation. Another classic example is fish oil, rich in omega 3, which facilitates the synthesis of substances that promote the reduction of inflammation.

Other products such as green tea, ginger, flaxseed, olive oil, turmeric, green nettle, white willow and its bark are also considered important allies in fighting free radicals and improving joint functions.

There are other supplements such as “Glucosamine” along with “Chondroitin”, which have been shown to have a positive effect to combat arthritis pain, helping to give greater mobility to those who suffer from it.


Acupressure is an ancient Chinese technique, which consists of using the fingers, knuckles and palm of the hand to put pressure on a part of the body. According to this practice, the energy of the body flows regularly through certain lines called meridians, and when pressing on them the pain decreases.


This specialty is based on the treatment of those disorders that affect the skeletal muscle system of the body, mainly the spinal column. Chiropractors generally have to study for a long period of time to practice the profession. In this way, it is highly recommended to find a chiropractor who specializes in the rehabilitation of people with arthritis.

Cold and Heat Therapy

This therapy consists of placing heat in the affected area, using hot compresses, thermal blankets or even hot baths, in this way the heat promotes blood supply to the painful area and relaxes the muscles.

On the other hand, cold can also be applied to the affected area, which causes the contrition of the blood vessels, and therefore, generates an anti-inflammatory effect and a significant decrease in pain.


Like acupressure, this technique uses stimulation of certain points on the body, but this time using small needles that are inserted into the skin, to cause the energy movement of the meridians, with the subsequent decrease in pain caused by arthritis.


As its name implies, hydrotherapy consists of using water, both cold and hot, for therapeutic purposes. This technique consists of taking long baths, in hydrotherapy pools, whirlpool bathtubs, Jacuzzis or even in ponds or lagoons, both natural and artificial. In some cases, spring water is used that contains a high quantity of minerals and that allows the body to relax and mitigate pain.


Massages in general, are an indisputable source of relaxation and well-being, since it produces, for the recipient, a feeling of tranquility and peace that helps to a great extent to relax muscle tension, blood circulation and reduce stress.


For years, meditation has been used, along with deep breathing exercises and visualization, as an integral method that fosters the person’s inner peace, significantly reducing all negative tensions and emotions, stimulating the relaxation of the person. body and decrease all worries and stress.


The aromatherapy technique establishes that certain aromas, derived from certain natural essential oils, have the ability to reduce the level of anxiety, stress, tension and worry. Which translates into muscle relaxation and with it a full feeling of well-being, which helps to mitigate the effects of arthritis.

Yoga and Tai Chi

These ancient practices combine breathing techniques with a series of movements, postures, levels of concentration and relaxation, which produce a feeling of fullness in the body.

Continuous practice of both yoga and tai chi lowers blood pressure and has anti-depressant effects, and given their nature of subtle movements, they become powerful allies to improve the muscle strength of people with arthritic problems.