7 ways to keep busy after retirement

Retirement is a phase in life that most people look forward to after working for years. Retirement means waking up each day and deciding what you would like to do. While some prefer to relax and have time to themselves, others may be filled with boredom. After working multiple days per week before retirement, you may not know how to fill the free time you now have. You can have unlimited options, but interests vary with everyone.

Open a business

With today’s technology, you can start a business online or use online sites to help promote your business. You may enjoy using your hands to build rocking chairs or crochet clothes and want to sell what you create. Once you have several items made, you can build an online website that displays your products and explains more about your business. Several websites, such as Etsy, can sell the products you make and link your products to your website.

You can bring in additional income through your business, and stay physically and mentally active, which is beneficial in your senior years.


You may have a bucket list of places you want to travel to. Now that you are retired, you have the time to plan these trips. You may focus on cities and states within the United States or go international. Investing in a camper or RV can allow you to drive across the country and stay at campgrounds. As you visit the desired cities, you can plan specific activities. Planning and traveling is one way to keep busy after you retire.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 4.5 million senior citizens volunteer. You can volunteer in your local community or be part of a large organization that travels throughout cities and states whether you participate at a food drive, animal shelter, or join Habitat for Humanity. Not only is it self-rewarding to help others in need, but it helps you stay busy and active.

Take classes

Consistent learning improves your brain health as you age. Mental challenges that force you to memorize and recite material strengthen your memory and decrease your risk of brain illnesses such as dementia. You can take advantage of in-person and online classes at local colleges and universities. Not only do you expand your knowledge on different subjects, but you can maintain positive brain health as you study, read, and learn the material.

Start a hobby or sport

In your free time, you may be interested in doing physical activity. Whether you start a new sport or practice one you already enjoy, staying physically active provides many benefits in your senior years. You may enjoy golf, tennis, hiking, or skiing, and if you live in a state that allows you to participate in these activities year-round, then you can keep busy by grabbing your gear and going outside.

Once you get bored of one hobby, you can pick up another. The opportunities are endless.

Substitute teach

Starting a part-time job, such as substitute teaching, can help you stay busy during retirement. You can share your knowledge with younger generations and get to know other teachers at the local schools. Part-time jobs are not as demanding as full-time jobs, so you can still fill the rest of your time doing other things that interest you.

Spend time with family

If you live close to family members, you can babysit grandkids or watch pets. You can take the grandkids to the zoo, shopping, out and about to run errands, or walk the dogs. Spending time with your grandkids can keep you young at heart while you chase them around and watch over them.


There are many ways you can stay busy after you retire. Finding suitable activities for you depends on your interests and what you have the means to do. You can find activities that allow you to stay within your home or require you to get out of the house.