5 Common Carpet Cleaning Methods for Your Home

 Clean carpets are an excellent addition to your decor. They reduce the risk of allergies and offer many health gains. People with compromised respiratory systems and allergies will find great relief with clean rugs. And this is because they don’t have harbor accumulated dirt, dust, pet dander, or strong smells. Luckily, there are different rug cleaning companies, and all use different cleaning techniques to ensure dirt-free rugs in your home.

What are the different carpet cleaning methods to know?

  1. Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning using hot water and a detergent solution sprayed at very high temperatures. Afterward, the rug is vacuumed using mechanical devices. Some companies use equipment mounted on trucks, which offers excellent results. This is one of the cleaning methods used by the rug cleaning san pedro company and many other leading carpet cleaning firms.

  1. Shampooing

 Shampooing is one of the simple carpet cleaning methods available. It employs rotary brush equipment and solution detergent sprayed on the carpet. As the brush rotates, it generates foam that penetrates all parts of the rug. This is then followed by vacuuming, which eliminates dirt and residue. However, the procedure doesn’t offer excellent results if the vacuuming isn’t done appropriately.


The technique involves applying foam on your carpet using aerosol containers. Cleaning is manual and involves the use of a sponge. However, this isn’t a very reliable technique and may leave residue, attracting more dirt on your rug.

  1. Spin Bonnet

 This procedure is almost similar to the shampooing method. It employs a bonnet, a pad with high absorbent properties, attached to the rotary equipment. The strips on the bonnet support additional scrubbing, and the method is ideal for commercial properties.

  1. Hot water extraction 

Hot water extraction is a method worth considering when seeking carpet cleaning services. It involves applying pre-treatment to the carpet, which works on the fibers for some minutes. The rug is then swirled with extremely hot water. This cleaning method offers many benefits, and there are various reasons to use this carpet cleaning technique. These include;

Safe and Eco-Friendly-Hot water extraction is safe on your carpet and environmentally friendly. Nowadays, most cleaning products produce harmful cleaning substances, which are hazardous to your health and can pollute the environment. However, steam cleaning, when done appropriately, doesn’t have any adverse effects on the environment.

Thorough Cleaning– This is presumably the main reason to use this method. It penetrates the fibers to alleviate dirt and debris than other available methods. Also, extreme temperatures are likely to destroy bacteria and microscopic elements in the cape. Hot water extraction is recommended by carpet manufacturers and industry experts due to its thorough steam cleaning. Infact, routine steam carpet cleaning will ensure durability and years of elegance to your carpet.

The bottom line

Carpet cleaning companies use different rug cleaning methods. Most leading companies use hot water extraction and advanced equipment. This cleaning method employs steam cleaning, which ensues deep and thorough cleaning, making it favorite among homeowners. However, it’s best to engage an experienced company with adequate tools for the task.

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