4 Tips to manage your time as a Christian leader


How we manage our time in life is very important and most importantly in churches. Time is everything and there will always be time for everything under the sun. This doesn’t mean that you have to do everything at once, as much as others would want us to do. Time management skills are what everyone requires to make good use of their time under the sun. As a church leader, here are some of the ways to manage your time effectively

You can take a team approach

The first way to manage your time is by taking a team approach. Talk to others about how you manage your time and also talk about any possible challenges that you may be facing. That way, you will figure out how you can help one another. Visit RPC.me, to learn more about how to take a team approach.

Manage interruptions

Another suitable way to manage your time as a leader is by avoiding any interruptions. When there are many interruptions, you will discover that a lot of time will be wasted. You should be gracious with people but ruthless with time. By doing so, you can try to keep interruptions at a minimum. If you are delivering a summon at the church, you can start by planning. Decide on events that will take place before a summon. You can also pick people who will help you out. Ask for people’s attention and calmness while you are preaching. That way, you will deliver summon without any interruptions

You should not procrastinate

As a church leader, procrastination should never be your portion. God uses church leaders to deliver the word of God to the multitude. There will never be a better day than today for you to deliver the word. You can repeat a summon but you should never postpone. This also applies to our daily lives. Procrastination is always a sign of failure. If you feel like doing something, just go ahead and do it.

Have expectations

Even when you are preaching, you should preach with a goal. Your words should have an intended impact. If not, your message may be understood and this should not be the case with any church leader. For more on expectations, visit RPC.Me


As a church leader, you should know of suitable ways to manage your time appropriately. To do so, you must have expectations, have goals, avoid procrastinating, take a team approach and do all you can to manage interruptions.

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